Debt Clock: How to Control Your Debt

Debt Clock

In the beginning, the debt clock was in the millions. But at the onset of the global economic crisis, everyone has to admit that debts have increased to the billions.

This trouble with debt can be traced to the recession brought about by the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Banks released housing loans to people who simply had no capacity to pay them off. This situation has led to banks’ hesitance to lend to individuals, and eventually slowed down housing investments. People everywhere eventually found themselves wallowing in debt.

If you’re in debts, you have to find a way to put your finances back in control. If your needs are beyond your earnings then you have to look for alternatives to augment your income. One example is by inviting neighbors to a garage sale at your home. Selling the things you no longer use and need can be a good start in creating balance in your finances. As much as possible, avoid getting into more debt because it will worsen your financial condition.

Creating an organized list of your debts can help you put things in the right perspective. You have to look into the details of your debts and take note of the amounts, interest rates, payment deadlines, and others. Putting your payments on hold could lead to prolonged agony and increased penalties.

If you get a default warning, might as well do everything you can to pay off your unresolved debts. Failure to do so would result to your collaterals being taken away by the bank. If you owe an unsettled amount of money and you were behind on four months of payment, this would often lead to you being demanded to pay your dues in full.

Living frugally is also a good way to catch up with your debt. Only spend on the necessities and learn to resist the temptation of buying things you want but don’t need. Cost-cutting measures like taking the bus to work and turning down the heat and wearing sweaters instead can also help.

A sideline job would also be a good source of extra money to pay off your debts. Majority of the jobs require nothing but time. You ask your boss if you can work overtime every after you finish your regular session at the workplace. You can also sell something on the side. This may be just the boost you need to pay your debts.

Final Words

While the global financial crisis is getting worse, you have to make it a point to rise from the mire of debt. Debt is something you shouldn’t overlook – it’s something that requires your immediate attention if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Credit counseling services are available to help you recover, so don’t hesitate to take a course if you need the help badly.

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